MK2000 Video Stabilizer



Yeahh!! We have done a circuit which permits a copy on tape of a copy protected movie (DVD or videotape) only for personal use.  For technical infos about how anticopy system works  you can give a look on  where you also can find a schematic of a MV killer which is too complex and not cheap. And this has some problems for example the video signal passes through it and of course the result isn't identical to the original. Instead our circuit (unique feature in the world!!) is connected like a "terminator" on video cable. In this way it is clear that the resulting video signal is the clearest possible becouse our video stabilizer is connected just like a "plug" and not in-betweenning. And of course if you want to copy a normal movie (i.e. not copy protected) our circuit can be left connected and turned off too!! Its phisical dimensions are very small, it can be supplied by a 9V Alcaline or NiMH battery or by an external power supply (not included), and could be inserted if you want into the videorecorder or DVD reader itself supplied by internal voltage (it needs to modify the VCR/DVD). It works fine on PAL/NTSC/SECAM and in Y/C using a special cable (not included, see here for its scheme). Send an e-mail for  more infos or technical questions.

  IMPORTANT!!!  The use of this tool is for  personal use only  and not for piracy!! We're not responsible for its improper use!!

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MK2000 costs 36.00 plus shipping (see table)

Max KgEU outside ItalyAfrica Asia AmericaOceania
1 5.16 8.26 10.33
2 10.33 16.53 20.66

The kit contains  MK2000, a  triple-RCA cable  and a  little Manual  (battery is NOT included).

One kit weights less than one kilogramme.

The payment will be in advance using IBAN (through banks).

The IBAN is: IT15 W010 2083 9400 0041 0212 352

Please specify EXACTLY your  Name , Surname  and  Address  in your order!!

The kit will be forwarded after its payment.

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Who orders 10 (ten) standard kits will be enclosed  another standard kit FREE! 

Then  11 MK2000  & 11 triple RCA cable  costs 360,00   plus shipping fee (it depends by the weight of the package)

The invoice is  necessary . The payment will be only in advance using IBAN (see above).

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The payment is possible in EURO value only!! It is the official european value since 1st Jan 2002. Do not ask for prices in US$ value. In any case we can accept payment in that coin. For us, Euro value is preferable instead of US$, becouse we can fix the price without money exchanges every time for every order for each customer ( 1 US$ is about 1 Euro actually). If the prices must be in US$, we should update the page with the listed prices every day, becouse the exchange US$ <> Euro is not stable!!. Paying with Credit Card actually isn't possible (maybe in future).

MK2000 works on NTSC/PAL/SECAM TV Systems and it is optimized to work from DVD to VCR. From VCR to VCR should not work, except particular combinations of VCRs. Based on our experiences, the protection signal has two levels of protection, Level 1 ( which makes brightness up and down) and Level 2 (colorstripes) . DVD PAL readers have always Level 1 activated (and Level 2 partiallly too for NTSC), and MK2000 eliminates only the former (Level 1) , which is sufficient for copyng from DVD to any VCR (except MiniDV,D8, D-VHS, and all digital VCRs). From VCR to VCR (with both levels activated, and only Level 1 eliminated by MK2000), it causes funny effects. For example from VCR JVC to VCR Sony, the copy seems to be good when you review the tape on Sony, but if you look the same videotape using another VCR (Panasonic, Akai, for example) you'll notice colored stripes, jittering,etc..., bad video..... That's caused by Level 2. The elimination of Level 2 is very difficult, which needs a new and expensive project.